Thursday, 18 December 2008

shoe woe

I was amazed by the iraqi journos arm and precision. Both the shoes took the same trajectory and was right in the face of the president.

Mr. Bush and his dumbass grin was a treat in itself. I think those shoes should be at the louvre. I also heard that a saudi business man was willing to pay a huge sum of money for those shoes. Some 10 million usd or so, and i thought the last pair i bought was expensive.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Mr.Naqvi. Gaylord Fucker !

i think Mr. Naqvi is gay, he is still in the closet and will take time to reveal himself. But he is getting there. I think he is starting to get jealous of the women in their finery. He can stand it. He blames the higher powers for making him so hairy and unwomanly and weeps his eyes red when he stands infront of the mirror adjusting his cross dressed body.

Nothing else would really explain his low EQ.

Monday, 1 December 2008

kerela chief minister

Every horror movie has its comedians. And in the case of the 26/11 attacks, it was provided by Mr.Achuanandan, who was chased away like he was begging for food. It is the most hilarious thing i have seen in a freaking long time. I almost died laughing.
The chief ministers come back by insulting the family of the brave soldeir was uncalled for. Man, oldies need to learn to take a joke