Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Dud !

I don think the reason why everybody is not celebrating Diwali the way they should is because of a recession. I think it is because we are all losing and lacking, faith. And by this line of reasoning, the recession is somewhat fueled by a lack of faith.

Ahem !

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Manhood !

The main point of contention in a man's ego, is to lose a woman to a guy with a bigger Penis, because he feels that he fails is woman every day in not being able to satisfy her, at least the way he thinks he should or in the way he thinks the other guy would. This breeds jealousy and thus destroys a relationship.

Yeah yeah yeah ! Its all about how big you are !


The Best conversation you will ever have is with a stranger. Someone who is clueless about your existence and worries. Someone who is looking to find you inside. This automatically excites you, it always makes you want to reveal much more than you do to your close ones. This someone could be someone you would meet in your travels, someone who was there near you but remained a stranger.

But the sad part is, you will never have a proper conversation ( a good one) with someone who you really know.